Second Vice President 2020-21 – Grady R. Vandiver, Jr.

Second Vice President 2020-21 – Grady R. Vandiver, Jr.

That is me in the picture located nearby, the new Second Vice President of ASOB International.  Being brought to you by the modern miracles and mysteries of the internet, the new way of doing almost everything.  Hopefully, it will be in person sometime during the ensuing year.

My story started on June 14, 1944, in Lake Charles, LA.  During the next 23 years, I lived in just about every state West of the Mississippi and a few on the Eastside.  Texas and later Oklahoma was considered home base.  In 1967 I mover with wife and daughter to Sand Springs, Oklahoma and this has been home base ever since.  I finished my formal education while living in Sand Springs, OK (near Tulsa) where I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tulsa.

Sand Springs is where I was raised a Master Mason in 1986 and joined the Tulsa Scottish Rite, Akdar Shrine, and the Akdar Shrine Oriental Band shortly thereafter. Through the years I have served as the secretary, treasurer, president, music director, and other positions in the band and have played most of the instruments.

In 2015 I was nominated and elected as the 4th Vice President of CSASOB and just recently became a past President of that organization. Through the years as a member of Akdar Shrine Oriental Band, we won many awards at the Central States meetings including first place in all categories at various times and myself as “Best Director, Small Bands” in 2003.

At the 2019 ASOB Jamboree in Nashville, TN, my second ever Jamboree, myself, and the main drummer for Akdar Shrine Oriental Band managed to win First Place in the Small Band category. Later in the year at the CSSA meeting in Sioux City, Iowa, Akdar joined forces with the India Shrine Oriental Band (Oklahoma City) and we managed to take home First Place in all three categories plus Best Director for medium size bands.

In the coming years, I will be working hard to meet the obligations that go with the position of 2nd Vice President and other positions in the Association of Shrine Oriental Bands.

AS you know our main duty and obligation is to help the Children.  This is primarily through the Ladder of Smiles.  The Ladder of Smiles is our, ASOB, charitable arm that contributes to the support of the main Shrine Hospitals for Children.  Our current ASOB President has set a goal of $50,000 for this year and we will need everyone’s help obtaining this goal.

The best way to keep abreast of the progress toward this goal and the happenings around the Shrine Oriental Band World is by visiting the ASOB web site (ASOB.ORG) often.  Here you will find the history of the ASOB organization and the Oriental Bands in your area and from across the World, current news about the BANDS, and a schedule of upcoming events from across the world of Shrine Oriental Bands.

If anyone out there has any questions or needs any help with/for their Band, please contact me or any of the other ASOB Officers.  We are here to help you and our organization.

Grady R. Vandiver, Jr.
2nd Vice President ASOB

First Vice President 2020-21 – Bill Bailey


I am Bill Bailey your 1st Vice President for this year and proud to be on the line trying to help this organization grow. We have had challenges we could never have guessed at only a short year ago and as most of you know this is not the year we planned for but it is the year we were dealt with. A lot of Temples have been closed since March and it isn’t clear when all will be open again. The Jamboree had to be canceled. We have become accustomed to using Skype and Zoom as the means of meetings. It looks like the end is not in sight so we will need to use some imagination to make things work again. Fundraisers are not impossible but must be done a bit differently.

I usually spend my winters in Costa Rica and in Panama City Panama working with the band down there since retirement and that has proven pretty much impossible this year so I am readying myself to live through my first Winter in 4 years here in Kansas.

CSSA Business meeting was held in Overland Park at the Abdallah Temple and was small but well attended. 1700 dollars was raised for the Ladder of Smiles with 1000 coming from the ASOBCS treasury.

I know it is easy to become negative towards pretty much everything right now but as Shriners, we need to look for the positive things going on right now and see if we can help them along.

What can the ASOB do to make things easier for you? What suggestions or aggravations do you have for the ASOB? Do you know who the last couple of Presidents were? Has your Ambassador called or come by a meeting? These are things we are trying to find out and need your help in learning. Email me at and let me know. We can only make it better with your help.

Bill Bailey
1st Vice President ASOB

Greetings from Richard “Bear” Sobek, ASOB President 2020-21


A healthy oriental band community for the benefit of Shriners Hospitals for children.

The ASOB Mission:
To provide the tools for fun, music, recruitment, and Ladder of Smiles fundraising for the oriental band community.

Greetings Band-Brothers:

It is now 2020-2021, the year of the Bear, and I am proud to have spent last year not only as a Member of the Abdallah Oriental Band but as an officer of the ASOB.  Now is the time to reflect on how to communicate the importance of the ASOB to the Shrine organization.  I am totally aware of what needs to be done.  Specifically, the ASOB philanthrope called the Ladder of Smiles will remain at the forefront of our fundraising.  Fundraising is essential for the continued success of Shriners Hospitals for Children.  I plan to focus the attention of the Elected Line Officers on increasing membership.  Additionally, a big welcome to our Regional Association Ambassadors as they are the key link between our membership and the ASOB.  As to fun, I am planning on having an exciting ASOB Jamboree in Kansas City at the end of May 2021.  Throughout the year the leadership team will be traveling to the various ASOB Associations to spread fun, and support at mid-winter and annual meetings.  Please know that as your President I want to get out the gorilla glue and patch the holes, so the value of the ASOB is known throughout the land.

I realize that the current epidemic environment is understandably hard on all, and particularly on your Temple as it remains temporarily closed thus leaving a gap in sharing.  Here at Abdallah, we have started Zoom stated meetings. Our OB also has rebounded and had our first meeting last Thursday evening.  Sadly, the Music Director (me) could not attend. I have been attending to my Lady following her surgery.

Enough about me. I am here to support your Band in every way possible.  Let us all join and make what started MANY years ago to elevate all Shrine Oriental Bands to be the pride of each Shrine Center.

I am always available and will answer any question or offer any help that I am able to.  I will rely on my predecessors to help this organization renew and prosper for the future.

From the flatlands of the central states (ASOBCS), I remain,

Richard “Bear” Sobek
President, ASOB
Music Director, Abdallah Oriental Band