Meet W. Richard “Bear” Sobek

Well now that I am really an Officer in ASOB, I guess it is time to say hello to all out there in the land of deserts and music.

I am W. Richard “Bear” Sobek, new 3rd Vice President for ASOB. I live in the country in Miami County, Kansas. I am semi-retired but manage a Bail Bond Business in 7 counties. My Beautiful Lady Fran keeps me from doing the middle of the night bonds, but if the money is good, I refuse to listen to her. I am still in one piece anyway.

I am proud to be a part of ASOB and look forward to working with our President and the rest of the officers to build more into this grand organization. Many out there have ideas and we need to hear more about them. I am also proud that Ed Harvey, a great member of the Abdallah Oriental Band, is our new Central States Ambassador and have always looked to him for help.


From the flatlands of the central state, I remain,

Richard “Bear” Sobek