Caliphs Capers

A new exciting month is ahead of us.  Of course, I am sure we all have an interest in Local, State, and National elections.  Regardless of the party, my thought is for the best person to win.  
Now for more exciting news, October had its successes and its disappointments.  On the success side, the development work on the ASOB Website and Na Khahar were approved and the work has progressed.  The Na Khabar although not due until January 1, 2021, is actually a bid ahead of schedule.  The ASOB Website/Na Khabar committee met during the last week of October with Matt Gage to discuss the development status of the new Website.  Due to various circumstances, our original schedule has fallen behind.  Matt presented where he was and actually showed the committee an elementary version of the new Website.  Our discussion focused on what the committee members could do to assist Matt with finishing the Website.  An offer was made for committee members to assist with downloading files from the old site to the New Website; however, Matt was of the opinion that graphics were needed to be moved before data transfer.  He asked the committee to request from Darren the logon and password link to the old Website.  A letter was sent to President Sobek requesting him to direct Darren to forward the logon and password to Matt and thank you Darren for your quick response.  As of today, Matt has the necessary link, so he can continue to complete the new Website.  Although our schedule has slipped two weeks, Matt is still confident that he will go into Beta Test and complete the new Website by our original forecast date of December 1.  This does shorten our Beta Test and the committee will be asking for access to the new Website as soon as Matt thinks it is stable, so the committee will have time to see how easy it is to add content.  Additionally, Ralph Jubb with the direction of President Sobek will be working with the Ambassadors to add content to the Website as well as developing their new write-up for the Na Khabar that is to go live on January 1, 2021.  I will be working with President Sobek to have the Line Officers prepare their dossiers and update their photos so they will all be in their official ASOB Uniforms.
A very big concern at the moment is the 2021 Jamboree.  President Sobek has established a Jamboree committee consisting of himself, Ralph, and Tom.  They are looking at alternative sites for the Jamboree.  Richard is looking at having it at his Shrine Center in Overland Park, Kansas.  Although convenient to where Richard lives, I discuss the situation with him last week, and he is waiting for information.  Tom Crow did speak to the housing chairman for Imperial Houston and they have the rooms and convention space for the ASOB; however, time is of the essence as hotels will be releasing rooms after the first of the year.  Ralph is looking into Hotels outside of the downtown area as a less expensive hotel and parking alternative.  If the Jamboree Committee decides to use Houston, I personally hope they will decide to stay downtown even though it will be expensive.
To be honest, November has an ambitious schedule and several pieces have to fall in place for us to be successful.  It is important that our new Website be up and 100% functional on December 1.  So far this year most of the heavy lifting for the ASOB has been done by the Caliphs.  As current development actions finish it is expected that the Elected Line will take over for the remainder of this Imperial Year.   Ralph has been working with the Ambassadors and several have demonstrated the desire for communications between the Associations and the ASOB.  Good work Ralph.  With Tom's attention to detail concerning Imperial Houston, this city may be a good fit for our Jamboree.  Grady Vandiver is the only member of the committee that is actually on the Elected Line, and he has been a big contributor.  It was Grady that gave Ralph the name of a good candidate for Ambassador for the Central States.  Of course, the newest member of our committee is Matt Gage who without his internet and web building expertise we would not be where we are regarding the new ASOB Website and the relaunch of the Na Khabar.
My hope is that all are free from the Covid-19 Virus as well as your families,
All the best to each of you,