Nominate an ASOB band member for Bandsman of the Year!


1. Purpose

The purpose of the A.S.O.B.  Bandsman of the Year Award is to recognize an Oriental Band member who has demonstrated outstanding service to the A.S.O.B., to the Ladder of Smiles, to his Shrine Center, and to his Oriental Band.

2. Criteria

The criteria for this award are as follows:

  • Member in good standing in his Shrine Center
  • Letters of recommendation from the Potentate of his Shrine Center and the Area A.S.O.B. Ambassador.
  • Demonstrated Leadership within his band, and the A.S.O.B.
    • Willingness to assist and lead where possible
  • Identifiable support for the Ladder of Smiles
    • Responsible for coordinating and managing a fundraiser for his band and or Shrine Center.
  • Attendance at either his Regional Association Meetings or Imperial Session.
  • Must demonstrate goodwill towards all OB Members

3. Nomination

Nominations should be submitted to the A.S.O.B. Secretary/Treasurer prior to the A.S.O.B.  Mid-Winter Meeting.  All Nominations will be reviewed by the A.S.O.B Executive Committee to ensure that the candidate meets all of the criteria.  If more than one nomination has been submitted, they will vote on the candidates.

4. Award Presentation

The A.S.O.B.  Bandsman of the Year Award will be presented by the A.S.O.B. President.  The presentation will take place during a Stated Meeting of the Bandsman of the Year’s Home Shrine Center.  In the event the A.S.O.B.  President is not available to personally make the presentation, he may select another A.S.O.B. Line Officer to perform the presentation.

5. Award

The A.S.O.B.  Bandsman of the Year Award will be a plaque with the A.S.O.B.  Logo, A.S.O.B. Bandsman of the Year Award, Year, Member’s Shrine Center, and his Name in letters the same size as the title Line.