If you weren’t in KC last weekend, you missed a fun time! Lots of old friends to see & new ones to meet. Our ASOB line did a heckuva job with entertainment, info, food and fun! Congrats to all the Bands who participated and especially to the Overall winners, Khiva!!!!!!! Tremendous job everyone!! 

Now it’s time to learn the new song for next year and be ready to go to………..NASHVILLE!!!!! And the competition song will be Luanlu!!!

Finally, to President Chris, it has been a honor to work with you, and you have friends in KC forever!

President-Elect Harry….count on us to help wherever we can! Love ya!!!!

Congrats to Bill Bailey on his election to the ASOB line!

And many thanks to Darren for help & guidance on this webpage.

Let’s put the FUN back in Shrinedom and let it begin with all of us…The Oriental Bands!!!!

Bored and a keyboard handy……

I was thinking….MOST of you OB guys have been around a long time. I’m a relative newbie! So maybe I should give you some Shrine background on ME so you’ll get to know me better.

I grew up in the Shrine. My dad was in Director’s Staff, Scooter Patrol & Wheel Patrol. The last job he had before passing was Potentate’s Aide.  I joined Abou Ben Adhem in Springfield and immediately joined Pomme De Terre Shrine club and got in a Roadster!! After 8 parades I finally finished one and started having fun. I then bought a Tin Lizzie too. But I moved back to my dad’s Temple (Abdallah) and found my home….OB! No repairs, no things to break down….just come & play music! This is how my Oriental Band “interview” went…

Band: You got any musical talent?  Me: Well, 1st chair trumpet, 1st chair french horn, piano by ear, drums, rhythm guitar, had a few bands…

Band:’re on the Gong!  Me: Cool….wait….what just happened?

The best decision I ever made was this Band of Brothers, these Desert Dawgs, the guys and gals of the OB. It’s OUR job to keep the history, sound, flair, spirit and fun alive! WE ARE OB BABY!!! All os us in every Temple must do what we can to help.


Busy Weekend!!

Hello Desert Dawgs!!!! Busy weekend in Middle Earth. Abdallah’s Oriental Band hosted the 1st of 2 Texas Hold ‘Em events. Good night, lots of fun and raised a few dollars. Then Sunday it was the Shrine Bowl players banquet and the Band put on our famous “Hospital Skit” for the young men. This week…more practice for the ASOB competition. I hope to see many of you there and enjoy the fellowship of the best guys & gals in the Shrine…..OB Baby!!!!

Ed Harvey Jr.

Gong Player to…wait…I’m playing the cymbals now?!?!?! C’mon man…

Ed Harvey Jr.

CYMBAL player to the Stars!!!

First Post!

Hey Mighty Desert Dawgs of the Oriental Bands!!! I hope some of you will enjoy my posts and get others of you excited again about our OBs!!!  President Chris calls us the “Middle Earth” guys, I prefer to think of us as the HEART of the country, and the heart of OB country! I’ve sent out emails to all the CSSA Temples telling them I am here to help them. I hope if anyone has ANYTHING I can help with you will contact me!

Hopefully I will see you guys at ASOB in Kansas City. I’m looking forward to talking, competing and doing what Shriners do best…HAVE FUN! So tune up the horns, get the drums ready and let’s go!!!! Keep watching for posts, videos & information that I can glean for your help and pleasure!!


Ed Harvey

Gong Player to the Stars!!!