Instrument Request



Musette Mouthpiece

Hella Shriners Oriental Band is in search of complete mouthpieces for at least five horns including the ligature, mouthpiece, and neck for single reed ‘E’ musettes. If they can get 4 or 5 of these, it will help grow their band. This provides the ASOB and its members an opportunity to come together to help build a stronger Oriental Band community. If you have or know of instruments or parts that are just sitting, let’s get those back in use. They do no one any good sitting in our closets to never see the light of day again. Get them into the hands of a bandsman to use and appreciate, especially when we have bands in need.

If you have the parts needed or know where they can get them, please directly contact:

Warren Allen, Email: Cell Phone 214-801-1419 Hm Phone 972-291-8328

If you know of other instruments or parts that could be re-homed and utilized by another Oriental Band, please contact our A.S.O.B. Quartermaster:

James “Moose” Fitzgerald (El Riad), Email: Cell: 605-496-3209