Visit to the Central States

Just now recovering from that long drive from Houston to Branson, MO to attend the CSSA convention. ASOB was well represented with myself, Dave McCarthy, Mike Hartup, Richard Sobeck, and Bill Bailey. The Oriental Band competition had eight bands plus two Shrine Centers combining to form a band. The planned Bally Hoo was canceled because of rain but managed to get enough to put on a show Thursday night. Friday was competition and Friday morning the CSAOB had a breakfast and that night had a dinner at the Branson Masonic Lodge for all the Oriental bands. The parade through downtown Branson was held Saturday morning and all the units who competed in their respective classes participated (Clowns. Patrols, Motor Corps, etc.). Left for home early Sunday morning and arrived completely wiped out Sunday night.

I’m putting the finishing touches on the ASOB mid-winter to be held at the Houston Marriott South Hotel October 12, 13. Planning to have a great weekend. We have a lot to discuss.

We have a new Ambassador for the Northeast region. He is Chris Parker form Mehla Shrine. Looking forward to working with Chris.

Ambassadors, PLEASE get articles to Darren about your regions. Everyone would be interested in what is going on in your region.

Don’t forget the LADDER OF SMILES. We have a goal of $70,000 to meet…


Now that Imperial 2017 is over, I am hard at work putting my staff together. As of today, we have four new Ambassadors: Ed Harvey, Central States; James “Moose” Fitzgerald, Mid West; Dave Cravy, South Central and A.J. DiCaro, Panama. I’m doing my best trying to fill a slot in the Northeast.

We have a new Parliamentarian in Jim Whitehouse (Alzafar) and a new Chaplain in Johnny Wallace (Moslah). Our Ladder of Smiles goal this year is $70,000. That works out to be $800 per Oriental Band. Nobles, $800 per band in my mind is not asking too much. Every Temple has members and spouses that have Birthdays, Anniversaries, Births and in some cases Divorces. What a great way to celebrate those occasions.

Lastly, we are working toward the Jamboree to be held in Nashville, TN during Imperial 2019.1 have secured the Sheraton, Music City for our host hotel. Details will be worked out at a later date. Will let you know.


Have a great summer,

Harry Pressman, President, ASOB

A quick note from Harry Pressman – ASOB President-Elect

Harry Pressman

It has been a very busy time for me since the Jamboree in Kansas City. The Arabia band has been practicing getting ready for the Texas Shrine Association convention in Tyler Texas. In addition, I’ve been trying to put the 2018-2019 staff together. A.S.O.B. will have two new ambassadors. Ed Harvey will be the Ambassador for the Central States and David Cravy will be the Ambassador for the South East Shrine Oriental Band Association. Dr. A.J. DiCaro has been appointed Special Ambassador for Panama. I’ve attempted to get in touch with all of the current ambassadors, but that seems to be a challenge.

I’ve managed to put together the A.S.O.B. Mid-Winter that will be held October 12, 13 & 14 in Houston. The details will be posted at a later date, but I’m giving everyone a heads-up so you can make arrangements to attend. All Officers, Past Presidents, and Ambassadors are encouraged to attend.

I have set my Ladder of Smiles goal for this coming year. I’m asking that we amass $75,000 with ALL the Bands participating. With approximately 91 bands in our association, each band should be able to donate at least $825 to the Ladder of Smiles. Whether you solicit from fellow Shriners or go to the public, this goal is attainable.

As new appointments are made, I will make them public through the WEB.

Congratulations to the Texas Association and it’s Ambassador David Dodgen for 100% participation in the Ladder of Smiles program for 2017-2018.