Second Vice President Update

Es salaam Alaikum, again my Brothers! The Second Annual Kansa City Jamboree is building on the excitements of the first version in 2017. We had great feedback on the good time had by everyone attending and to that excitement we have added two new events for the very first time […]

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From the President!

Nobles All, On November 18, 2017 the newly formed Abou Saad Shriners Oriental Band in Panama City, Panama, helped us make history by becoming the first oriental band to be chartered outside the Continental U.S. and Canada. This historic event was the culmination of a one year journey. Managing this project […]

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Support the Ladder of Smiles

SUPPORT THE LADDER OF SMILES! As an Oriental Bandsmen, it is our obligation to financially help our children and our hospital. It is up to each bandsman, band, and regional association to provide, in their own way, funds to treat the children that need our help.  Some bandsmen do this […]

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Countdown to the 2018 ASOB Jamboree -74 Days 8 Hours 19 Minutes 32 Seconds
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