James "Moose" Fitzgerald Running for ASOB President

Greeting fellow Nobles.

My name is James “Moose” Fitzgerald. I am a member of the El Riad Oriental Band in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I have been a member of “THE BAND” since day ONE.

I am currently serving as the 2nd Vice President for the ASOB.

I am a past President of our Oriental Band, past ASOB Mid-West Ambassador and past ASOB quartermaster.

I have had great times and memories attending Imperial Sessions and meeting so many fellow bandsmen. Some of the best have been just conversing with the past ASOB Presidents. I have met 22 (out of the last 26).

I have had multiple conversations with our 3rd Vice President about how we can move foreword. Lets GET BACK to Imperial! Charlotte N.C. 2023! The other Noble Fitzgerald is with me on this. We have a plan. That plan entails not only band competition, but possible individual performances and small group/duets. We need to set-up a booth at the market place. ADVERTISE! The Oriental Band is one of the oldest units recognized by Imperial!

I would like to do a monthly ZOOM meeting with all the Ambassadors and any Band that wants to engage. Bottom line is "What can WE do for you?"

I would like to restart the fall Executive committee meeting. Things that have come to your attention, that need to be addressed NOW.

I think that the Mid Winter meeting is essential. That we meet face-to-face and HASH things out that effect the overall good of the association.

Something that I will always remember talking to a past President:
“Flying into an airport for Imperial .. You can always pick out the guy that's an Oriental Bandsman. There is a bounce to his step and an air about him!”

I would like for you to take into consideration my name as the next ASOB President.

James “Moose” Fitzgerald

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