Patron Fund

To:       All ASOB Member Bands
From: ASOB Executive Committee

Dear Nobles,
Over the course of the past few years, the price of paper, ink, mailing and set-up increases have pushed the cost of publishing and mailing the Na Khabar magazine to the point that we have no choice but to either significantly raise ASOB dues and/or make wholesale changes to the finest magazine of its kind in all of Shrinedom.

After careful and extensive discussions at Midwinter Meetings and ASOB Annual Meetings, a unanimous decision was made in hopes that there might be a way to prevent an appreciable dues increase. The result is The Patron Fund.

The fund is a voluntary financial vehicle designed to help defray the rising costs outlined above.

All monies collected will go specifically toward this very serious issue. In order to provide as much flexibility as possible, you can participate at a number of levels depending on what fits your individual situation best. If this has some degree of success there may not have to be a global dues increase which might have an impact on certain Nobles that feel they could not afford it. The levels are as follows:

Bronze: $10.00
Silver: $25.00
Gold: $75.00
Platinum: $150.00
Life: $1000.00

These much needed voluntary donations towards a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum will be posted in the Na Khabar for a year. A LIFE membership assures you that your name will be listed for as long as the wonderful medium is printed and is not bound by a one-year timeline as the other four.

Nobles, the Na Khabar is not only essential but indeed critical to our Association and to see it go away would be a tragedy. Please seriously consider helping with this initiative in whatever way possible be it on an individual, band or business basis.

Please send all contributions to:

Don Moores
47 Chestnut Trail
Tequesta, FL  33469

Fraternally Yours,
ASOB Executive Committee