Greetings fellow OBers!!!!

Well …Middle Earth is burning up but the parade season is ON FIRE!!!!!! Despite temps hovering at 100 degrees, the Abdallah OB has been to two parades this week. Both parades were well attended and the band sounded GREAT! Remember to HYDRATE WITH WATER!!! I know that’s tough for Shrine guys, but lay off the Camel’s Milk until AFTERWARDS! We need you guys!

Next month is the Central States Shrine Association’s big event in Branson, MO. Hopefully several bands will show up to compete. Abdallah will be trying to defend their title while Midian will try to bring it back home. Could there be a band that slips past both??? Stay tuned for those results!!

Keep blowing the horns, pounding the drums and put the Oriental Bands out in front of everyone!!! GO OB!!!!!!!!!

Ed Harvey

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