Greetings Bandsmen! 

We have just completed a very unusual year in our history.  All Association of Shrine Oriental Band Events were canceled beginning in March 2020 because of the Covid-19 Virus which has impacted the entire world, and in most areas still going strong.  The ASOB Jamboree to be held in Billings MT was canceled and the Imperial Council Session in Kansas City, Mo was also canceled. 

Congratulations to now Past President Darren DeHass P.P. for a very unusual year.  In March all Masonic and Shrine events were canceled by the leadership of the organizations.  When it became time for the Jamboree the Coronavirus was in full force and many states eliminated travel, group events, and close contact with each other. 

A new vocabulary came to the forefront, ZOOM Meetings, many of us knew nothing about electronic communication.  We had to learn in a very short time because we started talking about ZOOM Meetings, etc.  Well, we learned and started holding these meetings.  The ASOB Annual Meeting was held by a Zoom Meeting with about 22 members attending. We had our Annual Meeting and the election of officers for the year 2020-2021 electronically, it went very well.  I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks.

The slate of officers was elected going forward into 2020-2021 and hopefully further the Association’s longevity. The new Officers are: Noble Richard “Bear” Sobek, President, (Abdallah); Noble William “Bill” Bailey, 1st Vice-President (Midian); Noble Grady VanDiver, 2nd Vice-President, (Akdar); Past President Noble Chris Tsaros, 3rd Vice-President, (Al Azhar); Past President Ralph Jubb, Sergeant at Arms, (Al Kader);  Past President Don Moores, Re-elected Secretary/Treasurer, (Amara).   As you will notice the 3rd VP and the SAA positions are being filled with Past Association Presidents because despite the Officer’s efforts no one came forward to present their names for these positions.  It is hoped that someone reading this report will see fit to come forward and present their name for one or both these positions, so the President and the Executive Committee can appoint someone to fill these positions for going forward into next year.

The minutes of the Annual Meeting were distributed to the Executive Committee by email and no corrections have been reported to date; therefore the Minutes are approved as written.


Aleikum Es Selam,
Don Moores
A.S.O.B. Secretary/Treasurer

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