This presentation I happened onto while doing some web surfing, I felt it was important to share with everyone. I am sure that some have seen it or may have been in the audience at the time. It is a presentation that was presented at the TASOB mid-winter meeting about six years ago in Tyler Texas. It was delivered by ASOB Past President Joe Brewton and the material presented was based on ASOB Past President Jim Whitehouse’s talking points. To give credit where it is due, the video was recorded/produced by a JB Squared Texas Productions and uploaded to a Vimeo channel for a Johnnie Wallace.

The following is directly from the page where found with no corrections made.


Monday, June 25, 2012, at 11:53 AM EST

This presentation of the American Society of Oriental Bands (A.S.O.B.) and the Ladder of Smiles program benefitting the Shriners Hospitals, was made at the 2012 Texas Association of Shrine Oriental Bands (TASOB) annual mid-winter meeting which was held in Tyler, Texas. The work is a result of the collaborate of J. R. Batesole, Moslah Bedouins, (Moslah Shrine, Fort Worth, Texas) and Past President of the American Society of Oriental Bands (ASOB) Joe Brewton, Khiva Oriental Band (Khiva Shrine, Amarillo, Texas).

The presentation outlines the function of the ASOB Ladder of Smiles program.

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Darren resides in Billings Montana but originally is from Massillon Ohio, having moved to Billings over 25 years ago. He is very active in the Al Bedoo Shrine Temple and the Al Bedoo Oriental Band. Darren served as Potentate of Al Bedoo in 2014. He is also a Past President of the regional association, PNSOBA, having served as president in 2015-16.

Darren is married to Timmie-Lynn Poglajen and they are about to celebrate their eleventh anniversary. Timmie-Lynn, who introduced Darren to the Craft and Shriners is very active in Daughters of the Nile. She served as Queen of her local Temple in 2011 and presently is serving her seventh year on the DON Supreme Action Committee.

Darren has been I.T. Professional in many different industries for over twenty years, currently working for Kampgrounds of America, Inc. Headquarters in Billings and is the "solopreneur" at DeHass Technologies.