As I had said before, Jamboree 2018 was great and everyone that attended had a great time. At some point though the fun had to turn toward the serious business of the ASOB. First thing Saturday morning, the bands had to put their game faces on.  Each bandsman donned the costumes of their respective troops and got into character for what proved to be a great championship race.

This video is the entire 2018 Fantasy Competition. Four bands competed on stage in the following order:

  1. Al Azhar – Calgary|Alberta Canada
  2. Midian – Wichita|Kansas USA
  3. Abdullah – Overland Park|Kansas USA
  4. Khiva – Amarillo|Texas USA

Each band put forth a wonderful effort and really showed how much talent our Oriental Bands have. You all sounded great gentlemen. I will reserve telling you the outcome for another post. You can decide which band was your favorite!  I am sure you will get your feet a tapping and your body swaying. If you are moved to get up and actually start dancing, don’t worry, I won’t tell!

Signing off, until next time!


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About the author

Darren is the current A.S.O.B. 2nd Vice President and 1st Vice President-Elect. Residing in Billings Montana, he is very active in the Al Bedoo Shrine Temple and the Al Bedoo Oriental Band. Darren served as Potentate of Al Bedoo for the 2014 term. He is also a Past President of the regional association, PNSOBA, having served as president for the 2015-16 term.

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