I am Bill Bailey your 1st Vice President for this year and proud to be on the line trying to help this organization grow. We have had challenges we could never have guessed at only a short year ago and as most of you know this is not the year we planned for but it is the year we were dealt with. A lot of Temples have been closed since March and it isn’t clear when all will be open again. The Jamboree had to be canceled. We have become accustomed to using Skype and Zoom as the means of meetings. It looks like the end is not in sight so we will need to use some imagination to make things work again. Fundraisers are not impossible but must be done a bit differently.

I usually spend my winters in Costa Rica and in Panama City Panama working with the band down there since retirement and that has proven pretty much impossible this year so I am readying myself to live through my first Winter in 4 years here in Kansas.

CSSA Business meeting was held in Overland Park at the Abdallah Temple and was small but well attended. 1700 dollars was raised for the Ladder of Smiles with 1000 coming from the ASOBCS treasury.

I know it is easy to become negative towards pretty much everything right now but as Shriners, we need to look for the positive things going on right now and see if we can help them along.

What can the ASOB do to make things easier for you? What suggestions or aggravations do you have for the ASOB? Do you know who the last couple of Presidents were? Has your Ambassador called or come by a meeting? These are things we are trying to find out and need your help in learning. Email me at and let me know. We can only make it better with your help.

Bill Bailey
1st Vice President ASOB

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